Andrzej Ogonowski

I am Andrzej Ogonowski. I am a marketer by profession. My current job is the Assistant Brand Manager for Unilever’s Ice Cream portfolio in Africa.

My job involves looking at the opportunities in the African ice cream market and working with project teams that bring in new product developments based on these opportunities. Africa presents a lot of potential, but also some very unique challenges, so it is an interesting area to work in.

Before Unilever I did a bunch of other cool stuff. I studied at the University of Cape Town, did a semester abroad in Canada and interned at a local technology startup. I even wore the mascot suit for UCT rugby team. For my full work history, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

My other major passions are sports and technology – particularly the way the two are interacting to improve the fan experience. I’m also interested in photography, travel and just working out why people behave the way that they do.

This blog is just a place to share my thoughts and provide a place for people to keep up to date with my adventures. Feel free to subscribe or follow @ajogonowski.